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Isaac had no idea how long he'd been held in captivity. Days? Weeks? He'd lost all track of time down in the dark, dank windowless chamber... no concept of whether it was day or night... never knowing when or even if his perverse abductor would deign to descend the stairs to check on him.

The longer Isaac remained down here cut off from the outside world... isolated and alone..., all hope of regaining his freedom and any sense of humanity had slowly begun to fade. All attempts to escape had proven futile... his once rebellious resistance had only resulted in making his humiliating captivity even more unbearable. Deep down, Isaac knew that if there was any chance of easing his prolonged suffering and misery, he'd have to forsake all hope of returning to his previous straight life and resign himself to a new reality as this man's sex slave.

It was a bitter pill to swallow... but after spending endless agonizing hours on his knees, Isaac found himself praying that his submission and surrender would ultimately lead to something slightly better than his current situation... 

Electrified Pad Keeps Slave Motivated!